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What To Do During Quarantine


Like many of you, an extremely loud alarm went off on my phone at 8:00am this morning reminding me that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were mandated to shelter in place. Of course, realistically we are a couple weeks into this journey, so I’ve had some time to figure out how to avoid the obvious cleaning, cooking and working tasks. With the help of some of our board members, here is a list of some fun content ranging from music, to museum tours, to games…all to help you pass the time. Just click on the bullet point and the link will take you to the platform.

And please continue to shelter in place and practice all the things officials have told us to. We want you and your families to stay safe and healthy. Stay strong, we’ve got this!



Online Classes


For the Kids

Virtual Field Trips – Zoos

Virtual Field Trips – Museums and Art Galleries

Online Classes

We’ll continue to update and add to this list as we discover more great content.

Latest update: Thursday, March 26, 2020


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